About Welcome to the ETHNICA gallery and store. My name is Nika. I am the founder…


Welcome to the ETHNICA gallery and store. My name is Nika. I am the founder of ETHNICA brand, maker, designer and photographer. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine but my passion is discover new places around the world. My second home is a beautiful green island of Philippines – Bohol, which inspires me so much and where I find new fresh ideas for painting and decoraton.


Here you can find unique gifts for all eventualities in the form of unusual handmade products.
I work with feeling on each element, starting from the selection of the workpiece. In length of time I`ve improved materials, tools and technique. I do not use templates and stencils, I make freehand drawing, often improvise in the process, that’s why all of my works are unique.

Each piece in my shop is completely designed, handmade, finished and packaged by me in my studio. I always wanted to give people a chance to have something special, something just for them. You can be sure every single piece of art is made with equal love and care.


Collaboration is a core part of my experience and practice as an artist. I have collaborated with ukrainian brands such as The Wings, Skin&Skin and Blanknote. If you want to collaborate with me, ust message me via messener on this website.

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